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VOLthon raises $16,867 in 36 Hours

On October 22nd, 2020, VOLthon revealed it had raised $16,867 in just 36 hours for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. While most see the total number revealed, it is important to note the dedication and hard work behind that number. Student leaders of VOLthon spent the weeks prior to this 36 hour fundraising initiative, called $100 Days, to ensure the push was programmed to perfection.

The 2020 Executive Team holds up the total amount raised as supporters view it via live stream from the comfort of their own homes!

$100 Days was jammed packed with fundraising power hours, fun incentives and even a drive-in movie night where the attendees watched Halloweentown from the comfort of their car trunks. Maintaining social distance and keeping VOLthon members safe was the priority of staff, so the majority of the 36 hours was completely virtual. It is safe to say the outcome of this push is incredible for being online!

Thank you, VOLthon, for always supporting Children’s Hospital.

If you would like to learn more about VOLthon or donate to this organization, visit