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Andrew "AJ" is our 2016-17 Tenn. Champion


While on a family vacation at Walt Disney World, AJ’s parents noticed he was struggling with coordination and walking. As their trip continued, his symptoms worsened, so they cut their vacation short and headed straight to the pediatrician. Shortly thereafter, doctors diagnosed AJ with the most common type of nonmalignant pediatric brain tumor.

Though most children with this diagnosis have one or two tumors, AJ has seven — most of which are inoperable due to their location. In order to treat the tumors, AJ endured a year of chemotherapy, with his final treatment in December 2015.

AJ loves learning, particularly science and math, and wants to become a doctor one day.

He is also a performer and loves to sing. A.J. even performed “Rocky Top” for Peyton Manning at the Peyton Manning Classic Golf Tournament.

How donations helped AJ at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital:  

Funds from CMN Hospitals purchased a CT scanner, which doctors used for six of AJ’s CT scans to monitor tumor growth and changes. Donations also helped fund AJ’s medical stroller.